Window Advantage Series – Awning Window


Awning windows offer a stylish and space efficient solution to your window requirements. Hinged from the top, and opened with a lockable winder, awning windows provide excellent ventilation, as air can circulate through both sides of the window sash. In addition, they provide a large glazed area, perfect for allowing uninterrupted views of your surrounds. Our awning windows are available in both Canterbury timber and Southern Star aluminium.

Good Ventilation – Awning windows can be placed higher on walls than most other types of windows. This allows ventilation and more natural light into a room, whilst maintaining privacy.

Maximum Wall Space – this higher-set option also gives the home owner more wall space allowing for features such as artwork or furniture to be placed in more locations.

Great choice for damper climates – awning windows are designed in a way that they can be open – even while its raining. They allow for almost 100 percent of viable ventilation, without water getting into the home.

Aesthetic – the large glazed areas of these windows allow for views to be enjoyed and a attractive, contemporary look to be achieved.


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