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Windows advantage series - Double Hung


Double hung windows are a popular and versatile window style that combines the best from both classic and contemporary designs.

Beautiful aesthetics with modern mechanisms ensure attractive looks and ease of use. Sash latches are supplied as standard for our Southern Star Aluminium Double Hung windows, and for added security we have sash locks available. Canterbury timber Double Hung windows come with sash locks as standard.

Our Double hung Sashless window option allows for maximum glazing space, ensuring picturesque unobstructed views and benefiting from the abundance of natural light and ventilation control.


Double-hung windows are compatible with most home styles and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and stock colours. We supply them in both Southern Star aluminium and Canterbury timber and we can also supply then in Sashless, with an aluminium or timber frame.

Energy Efficiency

Our Canterbury timber Double Hung windows can be double glazed which can help with energy efficiency. Alternatively, high-performance glass can be used in either the Canterbury timber or Southern Star aluminium double hung windows which can also aid energy efficiency as well as reducing noise, UV, and safety risks, and increase security.

Superior Ventilation

Double Hung windows provide excellent ventilation options. You can control the airflow using both the top and bottom sashes. This means you can draw the cool air from the bottom and expel the stale air from the top. This will naturally keep your home cooler. You can also just open one sash if you require less ventilation.

Speak to one of our sales team today to find out if double hung windows will suit your building project requirements.

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