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Window tips to make the most of your view


Windows offer great ways to aid your home in ventilation as well as giving us the natural light we crave. But if you make the right choices when selecting your windows, you can create design features by using the views around you and bringing these into your home. So how can you make the most of your views by being smart with your window choices? Here are some ideas to get you started:


Dark Framing Colours

When you have an amazing view you want to focus on, use black or Monument frames as these are ideal for drawing the eye out into the view. That way, the view remains the stand-out, not the window!

Image courtesy of Linked Building


Double the impact with mirrors

If you have that great view then why not double it up with a mirror? It reflects the light and the view meaning you get double the impact!

Image courtesy of Malishev



Go double storey

If you get the chance why not go up 2 storeys with your windows? Again, double the light, double the view but quadruple the impact with this dramatic design feature!

Image courtesy of Hamlan Homes



Kitchen view

Having a window as a kitchen splashback at eye level is a really great idea. Bringing the outside into this space and having an ever-changing backdrop is a great way to add a design feature into your cooking zone!

Image courtesy of Metricon





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