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Winter Windows: 4 Tips to Keep You Warm


Winter is officially here - although it has been unofficially freezing for what seems like forever.

But before you reach for that thermostat, here are a few tips to help you keep your home warm during these chillier months.

Tip 1 - Sort Out Any Seal Leaks

Gaps or air leaks completely undermine the insulative ability of your windows and can account for as much as 25% of heat lost in your home. The easiest way to tell if your windows are leaking is to hold a small, lit piece of incense near the perimeter of your windows.

If the smoke from the incense starts to move erratically then you have a leak.

It’s also worth checking that both the internal and external seals are in good condition and push hard against each other when the window is closed.

Tip 2 - Make the Most of the Sun

In those magic winter moments when the sun is out, let it into your home! Open your curtains up to the eastern sun in the morning or the western sun in the afternoon and let it warm your home.

You can also use your home’s ‘thermal mass’ to slowly heat indoor spaces. Concrete tiles or bricks can slowly absorb and then release the suns heat. The lower winter rays can penetrate these areas through north-facing glass and heat your home for longer.

Tip 3 - Use Your Curtains

When the sun is behind the clouds or has set for the day - close your curtains. Well-fitting curtains are an excellent barrier to stop cold air from entering (and warm air escaping in summer).

As well as stopping cold air from coming into the house, this means that your heating will work more efficiently - keeping you warmer with lower power output and saving you money.

Tip 4 - Consider Upgrading Your Single Pane Windows

Most single-pane windows aren’t effective at keeping the cold out of your home during the winter. If it is within your budget, consider installing windows with Low-E coatings. Low-e coatings block certain rays from entering the home.

This means a warmer home for you in winter.

For ultimate home insulation, the gold standard is double glazed windows. These can improve your home efficiency by up to 40% and are guaranteed to make your home much warmer in winter.

For more information on how to keep your home warm this winter through your windows speak to our team of experts. 

Or browse our range of windows and doors to keep your home warm through the chiller months.

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