ProtimĀ® Protection for Meranti


The Southern Star Groups’ Canterbury Timber products manufactured from Meranti timber are protected by Protim®, a unique surface treatment that shields the wood from the elements and ensures its longevity.

All Meranti products in our range of windows and doors receive the exclusive treatment, which provides a superior product in terms of performance.

Protim® utilizes a specially designed formula to protect timber against external challenges such as the environment and internal issues like rotting.

Protim® delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides lasting protection from wood boring insects such as termites.
  • Contains a combination of wax and resin designed to reduce the uptake of water by the timber during construction.
  • Improves stability by reducing the dimensional changes that would otherwise occur as water is absorbed and lost.
  • Uses an organic solvent carrier to transport the active ingredient into the wood, allowing the timber to maintain its original size, shape and strength grading.
  • Rated to Hazard Level 2 (H2).

This is a unique process to Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors that allows us to provide a superior, top tiered product with an abundance of advantages over untreated or lesser quality coated products.

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