Window and Door Maintenance


We all know that to keep your car running well it needs regular servicing, but did you know that windows and doors need the same care? To ensure the best performance of your windows and doors, there are several useful tips both builders and consumers can use in order to maintain quality and increase the longevity of aluminium and timber window and door products.

Builders should ensure windows and doors are stored flat in a dry area. For Timber, a first coat of paint, varnish or sealer must be applied within 30 days. This protects the wood from elemental damage such as water and exposure. Once installed, the consumer should adhere to a regular maintenance schedule.

External aluminium and timber surfaces should be washed with clean water and a mild detergent at least every three months. A soft sponge or similar should be used to avoid scratching the glass, timber or aluminium. In coastal or industrial areas the cleaning program should be carried out on a monthly basis. Drainage slots should also be checked to ensure they have not become blocked.

Hardware is an area often overlooked during cleaning; however regular maintenance is required for all hardware. In most environments, maintenance is recommended every six months; while in marine and industrial environments a more frequent schedule of every three months is recommended.

Hangers, pivots and brackets should be given a light spray of corrosion preventative (such as CRC Marine 66, Innox or WD40) followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess. Exposed and visible surfaces should be wiped down with warm soapy water on a soft rag and then rinsed off by wiping with a clean damp rag.

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