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Fly Screen & Safety Screen Doors Explained


Fly & Safety Screens for Doors Explained

There's nothing quite like enjoying a warm summers evening in your own alfresco dining area. Relaxing with family or entertaining friends outside is part of the Australian way of life. 

Unfortunately, so is dealing with the onslaught of mosquitoes, flies and other insects that are all too keen to follow you into your home through your open doors. Keeping these pests out of your home is of course best handled by a quality fly or safety screen door solution. 

But what’s the best screen door for you? This article will help you understand the different types of fly and safety screens so you can choose the best one for your needs. 


Pleated Screen Doors

The Brio pleated screen for bifold and stacking sliding doors is the perfect option for those wanting to screen off a larger than normal opening into your home. The lightweight screens can cover up to 4.5 metres (or 9 metres wide if you get two screens to meet in the middle) and have a ‘low-impact’ look, helping you bring the outdoors inside without any of the insects. 

The term ‘pleated’ comes from the fact that the screen itself is made up of vertical panels that ‘accordion’ together when the door is opened. They are very easy to install and can be fitted to existing timber or aluminium bifold doors, timber stacking sliding doors as well as the 200 and 300 series aluminium stacking door systems.


Retractable Flat Screen Doors

Retractable Flat Screens are a stylish, automated fly screen solution that can be fitted to timber bifold doors (during the installation of the door). 

Using a series of magnets and pulleys, these doors can be opened with just the touch of a finger while the screen, which travels horizontally along the track, is concealed from view within a canister when not in use. 

These screens also make use of ‘tight technology’ to ensure that the mesh is always at an optimum tension, to prevent sagging, creasing and tearing. 

These screens are the perfect option for those looking for the wow factor of automation to complement their timber bifold doors. 



Standard Flyscreen Doors

As the name suggests, Standard flyscreens are more traditionally styled screen doors and pair perfectly with either aluminium sliding doors or timber sliding doors. These doors allow you to select a mesh type that suits your aesthetics, usage, environment, and potential for accidental damage. 

These include: 

Fibreglass mesh – Made from a woven fibreglass yarn coated with PVC to make it waterproof, rustproof, non-combustible, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Available for both aluminium and timber doors, fibreglass mesh provides a cost-effective option. 

Aluminium mesh – Slightly tougher than fibreglass mesh, this option is perfect for homes in coastal and bushfire-prone areas and available on both aluminium and timber-framed screen doors. 

Pet Mesh – Seven times stronger than the fibreglass mesh, this mesh as the name suggests, is ideal for those with pets or small children in areas likely to experience accidental damage. This option is only available for aluminium screen doors.  



Heavy Duty Screen Doors 

These doors are for those who are looking for a safety screen as much as an insect screen. Set in a sturdy aluminium frame, these doors provide a higher level of security than any other doors mentioned so far and are also ideal for high ‘wear-and-tear’ areas. 

All the mesh options available into Standard Flyscreen Doors are available in the Heavy-Duty Screen Door range, as is the Alu-Guard mesh. This mesh is coated in a strong, non-corrosive aluminium powder coat to repel even the most determined intruder.



Safety Screen Doors 

The Southern Star Windows’ Safety Sliding screen door is our highest grade safety screen door, and are perfect for those looking for an effective, robust, and most importantly secure, screen door. 

This screen door comes with an aluminium grill to provide additional security, and is available with fibreglass, aluminium, pet mesh and Alu-Gard. 



What next?

If you’re interested in talking further about the best screen door solution for your new build or renovation, then our sales team is equipped to help you. Contact us on 1300 733 599 to talk about how we can help or fill out a query form here to contact your nearest branch. 

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