Introducing Alpha - New Sliding Door Handle


The Southern Star Group is happy to introduce our brand new sliding door handle and lock set. The new Alpha is as sleek and beautiful as it is functional and comfortable.

The Alpha is the first handle to be released from the new, bespoke STAR range of door hardware, designed in house and  manufactured exclusively for the Southern Star Group. The Alpha will now come standard with 100, 200 and 300 Series Southern Star Aluminium sliding and stacking sliding doors and Canterbury Timber sliding and stacking sliding doors.

A feature of the Alpha handle is its secure, twin- beak lock which is now offered as standard.  In addition, and also as standard, the Alpha features a C4 key pin cylinder which allows it to be keyed alike to any lock by a locksmith, offering the extra convenience of having to use only one key around the home.

The Alpha has an elegant contoured design for added comfort and grip while gliding one of our Southern Star Aluminium or Canterbury Timber Sliding Doors open or closed.  Available with either a cylinder/snib or cylinder/cylinder locking mechanism, the Alpha provides safety and security with style.

Suited to any application and home design whether traditional, modern or architectural, the Alpha is available in Ultra Silver for Canterbury Timber sliding doors and Black for Southern Star aluminium sliding doors.

The new Alpha handle is the perfect addition to compliment seamless transition from indoor to outdoor while adding a stylish finishing touch.

You can view compatible door ranges by following the links below:

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Further styles in the Southern Star Group’s STAR range of aluminium and timber door hardware are scheduled for release later this year.


Fun fact: the Alpha and other new products from the new STAR range of hardware are named after the stars in the Southern Cross constellation.


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