Senate Inquiry: Imported Product Compliance


Senator Nick Xenophon recently announced a Senate inquiry into the safety and legality of imported building materials in Australia.

The Senate approved the inquiry on the 23rd of June, amid rising safety concerns about substandard imported building materials and the lax rules that let them into the country.

As a 100% Australian owned and made company, the Southern Star Group welcomes the inquiry into the standard of imported materials and products.

The inquiry follows consultation between the Housing Industry Association, Australian Window Association, and other representatives of Australian building products manufacturers with members of the Senate.

Senator Xenophon said a key aspect of the inquiry would be the inspection and regulation framework that was clearly failing.

The Southern Star Group not only meets but also exceeds HIA and AWA safety compliance. Customers can rest assured that products offered from Southern Star Aluminum Windows and Doors, and Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors, have been designed and thoroughly tested to strict safety standards.

The inquiry is a step in ensuring building material suppliers in Australia are all complying with the safety standards established, expected and deserved by Australians. The Southern Star Group believes the inquiry and results will benefit the industry and consumers alike.

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