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Keep Cool This Summer Without Overusing Your Aircon.


With the mercury creeping higher and higher as we march into summer, the temptation is there to turn up the air-conditioning. 

But there are some other methods to keep your house cool that won’t hurt your hip pocket (or the environment) quite so much. The best way to keep your house cool during summer is to stop the heat from making it inside in the first place. This will make your home easier to cool – improving your energy efficiency and saving you big through the hot summer months. 

Here are 5 best ways to beat the heat without overloading your a/c.


Double-Glazed Windows.


The best thing you can possibly do to keep cool without using your air-conditioning is to install double glazed windows.

A double-glazed window is made from two panes of glass sealed together and separated by a layer of air or gas (usually Argon). A great addition to any home, double glazing can improve the overall insulation to your house by as much as 50%. 

And the benefits don’t stop at keeping your house cool during the summer. Because double glazing boosts the insulation of your home, you’ll save on heating costs in winter too and reduce ambient noise from outside.

You can read more about the benefits of Double Glazing here.

Using Windows And Doors Strategically. 


Depending on the time of day, windows and doors can heat or cool your house during the summertime. It all comes down to how you use them.

Opening up the house at night will let cooler air in and make sure you allow clear passageways for the air to travel into main living areas. If you have problems with insects consider installing fly screens to give you protection while the cool air flows in.

During the day keep your windows closed and covered with thick, block-out curtains to keep the heat out and internal temperatures down. Awnings are a great way to keep direct sunlight off your windows – keeping your home even cooler.


Segment Your Home.


Cooling your entire home can use a huge amount of energy, so focus on the rooms that you’re occupying. Section off the house as much as possible so that the cool air stays contained. Doors that separate key living areas from the bedrooms and other rooms in the house can cut the amount of air conditioning you need in half.



Using Ceiling Fans.


Ceiling fans use only a small fraction of the power needed to run air conditioners, so you can keep it on for much longer periods without making much of an impact in your power bill. While it won’t make much of a difference to the air temperature of your house, you can run it to complement your air conditioner. 

Run your air-conditioning for an hour to cool an area, before running a ceiling fan for the next hour to spread the cool air around – and alternate throughout the day.



Draft Proofing.


You can do more to seal off an area than just closing windows and doors – make sure you block back drafts too. The obvious offender is the gap under doors, but keep an eye out for gaps or cracks around window frames, in floors or in the walls. Sealing drafts can help prevent cool air leaking out of your house, and keep you cooler during the day. 

Ensuring that you have high quality windows and doors installed in your house will help limit drafts throughout the house, and help keep it cool during the day. 

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