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Southern Star Strives for Environmentally Friendly Footprint


The Southern Star Group is committed to environmentally friendly practices and policies to minimise the impact we have on the environment

Our environmental policy underpins specific actions undertaken to achieve more energy efficient and emission reducing operational practices across all areas of the business including manufacturing, logistics and administration.

Here are just some of the ways we help the environment:

  • Aluminium, glass and paper recycling
  • Reduced chemical use with automated treatment equipment
  • Power management and machinery downtime
  • Specialised hardware and software to create paperless factory
  • Improved efficiency manufacturing to reduce electricity usage
  • Solar panels on factory buildings
  • Environmentally friendly IT, including virtual servers
  • Meeting and exceeding Environmental Protection Standards
  • Water tanks to collect rainwater
  • Responsible and acceptable waste disposal practices

We are proud of the fact our new powder coat line - arguably the longest in Australia – is able to reclaim and recycle waste material.

We are also proud of our education efforts, having several articles on our blog, newsletter and social media featuring ways you can help the environment at home.

Some of our environmental tips can even help you save some cash while you’re at it! 

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