Double Hung Windows


Continuing with the theme of spring, this weeks product highlights are the perfect addition to any home wanting to utilise superior ventilation to enjoy the fresh breeze and aromas of the season. The Southern Star Group’s Double Hung Windows are a blend of classic and contemporary, suitable for any home.

100 Series Aluminium Double Hung Window

The Southern Star Aluminium Double Hung Window is an extremely versatile style, well suited to both traditional and modern home designs. Available in the 100 Series; increased ventilation is provided through the top, bottom or both sashes. An integrated finger-pull on top and bottom sash rails combines with spring balances to provide trouble free operation. The fixings are concealed to maintain style, while the enclosed fixed sill does not catch insects or dirt. The Aluminium Double Hung Window is reliable, functional and exudes style.

Timber Counterbalance Double Hung Window

For those after a more traditional look, yet with the perks of modern technology, the Timber Counterbalance Double Hung Window is the essence of harmonious balance. Modern technology meets traditional styling by emulating the look of traditional weights and cords operated double hung windows, but with a modern and efficient counterbalance sash system. This allows for safe and smooth operation, while providing a large glazing space for standard, toughened, laminated or double-glazed glass. Classic and contemporary collide; creating something special and suited to any application.

Timber Jambliner Double Hung

The Canterbury Timber Jambliner Double Hung window offers a state of the art mechanism that not only makes opening and closing the window easy, it also allows you to completely remove the sashes from inside for easy painting and cleaning. The new Heavy Duty Jambliner has been specifically designed to hold double-glazing glass and allows for windows up to 1200mm wide to 2400mm high.

Timber Sashless Double Hung Window

Canterbury Timber Sashless Double Hung windows will match any home whilst providing superior climate control and unrestricted views. The integrated counterbalance system compliments the long life slides with self-aligning grooves and large anti-jamming sliding clearance; altogether ensuring hassle-free smooth operation. The concealed locking feature operates in either closed or partially open positions. The Timber is reinforced with a rigid internal Aluminium frame and is fully sealed for weather and noise reduction. The standout feature of the Sashless style is the unobstructed and maximised view provided by the sleek design.

The Sashless Double Hung Window is also available with a Southern Star Aluminium 300 Series frame.

View the Aluminium Double Hung Window
View the Timber Counterbalance Double Hung Window
View the Timber Jambliner Double Hung Window
View the Timber Sashless Double Hung Window


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