Spring Selling


Spring is a great time for both buyers and sellers as the property market blooms and booms.

Typically, the season sees more houses on the market. There are several reasons for this trend occurring annually. For some, gardens look their best, which can be a powerful selling point. For coastal areas, the lifestyle is on display with optimum weather helping potential buyers see the benefit of beachside living.

Spring also provides higher clearance rates – the amount of successful auctions. This is a strong indicator of how the market is performing, along with other indicators such as price growth and wider economics.

Statistically speaking, Spring is more likely to see a higher rate of premium property entering the market. Properties with large gardens, landscaping, pools and water-views will look their best this time of year.

Interest rates are tipped to remain stable for the short-term future. A potential rise is unlikely to occur until 2017, making for a stable financial environment. With rates being most likely held until next year, buyers are encouraged to invest.

The housing market itself is typically rather stable this time of year as well. Prices are expected to continue to grow over the coming months, however are unlikely to be experienced instantly.

All of this adds up to Spring being the season to sell. So keep your eye on the market, snap up that new investment, or start climbing the property ladder today!

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