Southern Star Shines with Platinum Membership Awarded by AWA


The Southern Star Group has been awarded the coveted status of Platinum Member by the Australian Window Association.

The AWA is an association comprising over 500 window manufacturers and industry suppliers throughout Australia, with initiatives aimed at achieving consumer and building industry awareness, conveying the importance of windows and compliance, as well as improving industry quality.

Members of the association have products tested to Australian Standard AS2047, ensuring compliance and instilling confidence that products are made to withstand Australian conditions when purchasing from AWA members.

The highly respected title of Platinum Member is awarded to an organisation that has been a member for at least 10 years and has passed 10 or more accreditation audits in a row. This translates to The Southern Star Group having a long-term history of consistently meeting a high standard, and products continuously complying with required Australian standards.

AWA members are differentiated from non-members due to the assurance of compliance and credibility gained by being subject to independent third party accreditation.

As a valued member of the AWA, The Southern Star Group has an active input into standards, practices and regulations. Our membership also provides us with early access and up to date information on important technical and regulatory factors, placing us at the forefront of our industry.

Congratulations to all involved in the planning, designing and manufacturing process at the Southern Star Group on this fantastic achievement.

For more information about the AWA visit their website

To find out more about The Southern Star Groups compliance with the AWA view the technical centre and performance areas of our website.

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