Maximising Space This Spring


Spring is a great time to take in the sights, sounds and scents of the season. With the weather improving, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help maximise the space in your home.

Light Colours

White or light walls create the illusion of space. A bright and light-filled area will seem much larger than a dark one. Compliment the walls and get creative with furniture to bring a pop of colour to the room. If the room is particularly small, reconsider dark choices and feature walls, instead focusing on light colours.

Outdoor Openings

Have as many openings to the outdoors as structurally possible. Any room that backs onto a yard of some sort is a potential to create an indoor/outdoor transition.  Small rooms can become much larger and open planned areas become grand statements. This also draws the eye outside to enjoy the scenery and can create a dramatic and stunning effect. Stacking Sliding Doors and Bifold Doors are perfect for these areas. They take up minimal space while creating large openings to alfresco areas. Consider a corner unit to really open up the home.

Utilise Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces have the potential to become an integral part of your home. Alfresco areas are hugely popular and almost expected in modern times. Whether it’s a nice quiet area to relax and lounge, or an entertainment hub complete with barbecue, indoor/outdoor areas become an extension of the house. The ability to enjoy the comforts of indoors in the elements of the outdoors combines the best of both worlds. Alternatives to roofed alfresco areas exist in the form of shade sails and umbrellas and prices vary to suit any budget.


With beautiful breezes and plenty of light, spring is the perfect time to open those windows and take in all the season has to offer. Consider options such as a bifold window, which simultaneously opens up the home and allows for serving straight form the kitchen. Louvre windows are another great option with their variable blades that can control the amount of light and air entering the home.

Get the most out of your homes space this spring and enjoy the season!

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