Introducing the Vega: The Lock Your Sashless Window Needs


Soaring in popularity in both commercial and residential projects worldwide, the sashless double-hung window is a modern classic.


Blending seamlessly into up-to-the-minute designs, they offer unobstructed views like no other style of window.


Unfortunately, the hardware for sashless windows hasn’t kept pace with the design of the window itself.


The locks found on today’s windows are likely to be the same bulky, face-fit, screw-on cabin-catch locks as you’d find on your nan's house back in the 1970s - completely ruining the uncluttered look of the sashless design.


That is until now.


Introducing the Vega.

A brand-new, revolutionary design for timber counterbalance sashless double-hung windows, the Vega lock is fitted to the jamb profile and sits closer to the profile of the window than any double hung window lock ever has.


It is the low-profile lock that you’ve always wanted for your sashless window.


And that isn’t the only nifty feature of the Vega.


Rather than having to continuously lock your sashless double-hung windows with a key, a Vega Sashless Window Lock can be locked with just the press of a button.


The lock also allows the counterbalanced panels to be locked in any predetermined and predrilled open position.

You can view a demonstration video of the Vega Sashless Window
Lock on our Youtube channel here.

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