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Windows and doors offer unrivalled access to natural light, views and a secure connection to the outdoor environment, but left unaddressed, they are typically the weakest link in the acoustic performance of a home. Our individual perception of noise is affected by both real and subjective factors, such as the type and repetition of noise, our mood, the time of day, background noise levels, its frequency and our expectations. Careful understanding of the noise problem and the selection of the right windows, doors and glass is critical in reducing the excessive entry of exterior noise.  

Two fundamental areas are critical to the acoustic performance of a window. The first is how ell a window is sealed to reduce noise travelling through air leaks, and secondly the reduction of transmission of noise ‘through’ the glass.

Glass Choice

Vlam Hush is a special laminated glass with a 3-ply interlayer that is designed to dampen sound in critical frequencies that can be irritating. Vlam Hush is a thinner and lighter glass offering the equivalent acoustic performance of heavier and thicker glass. It is also a Grade A safety glass and blocks 99% of UV light to help reduce fading of furnishings.

Window Choice

Windows and doors can sometimes have spaces and produce vibrations, allowing noise to travel through. Noise can pass through a barrier via poor seals and extra space between windows and frames. Southern Star Windows products are manufactured to ensure frames and seals fit properly.

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