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Quality Assurance


The Southern Star Group of Companies is committed to:

  • Meeting and exceeding our customer expectations.
  • The ongoing development and application of the Quality Management System.
  • Maintaining a customer and quality culture where all employees believe that they 'own' quality.
  • Ongoing training and development of staff.
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of effective information and documentation systems.
  • Ongoing annual Australian Window Association compliance.
  • Customer satisfaction being our number one focus.

Our Philosophy

The Southern Star Group is fully committed to providing a quality product and total customer satisfaction. In order to facilitate a complete and meaningful Quality Management System (QMS), the Group Quality Control Co-ordinator is responsible for leading quality improvement initiatives related to manufacturing in all areas of the business. The QMS is designed to continually review and identify process improvement opportunities to assist in the development of programs to achieve reductions in quality issues in an organic way through communication and education. The overall objective is to create a total quality focused team. This focus on education and communication ensures that all employees, at every level of the business, are all working toward a common goal.

A rigorous process of quality control assessment, review and reporting has been implemented to address any quality matters that may arise. The process is measurable and details the specific quality issue, the countermeasures and outcomes. The QMS is continually being developed to identify opportunities for both design and production quality improvements and for quality supervision. The QMS has been designed to identify, measure and manage not only any quality issues and concerns that may arise with Southern Star Aluminium Windows, Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors or Homeview Timber Windows and Doors product, but also those of any supplier’s parts and components.

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