Product description

Our Southern Star Aluminium French doors are a great option if interior wall space is limited. We offer a wide range of inspired design options for the ever-popular French door suite in either a 100, 200 or 300 Series styles. Offering contemporary styling, our French door is an elegant and practical way to open up your living area and allow wide access to a courtyard, garden or patio.

100 Series French

Southern Star's 100 Series Aluminium French Door will become a unique and functional feature in your home. Elegant and practical, the 100 Series Aluminium French Door will open up your living area and allow easy and stylish access to your courtyard, garden or patio

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Features & Benefits

  • Ability to have doors 2400mm high
  • Semi-commercial grade framing system with integrated reveal fin for ease of installation
  • Concealed self draining sill with sub sill attached.
  • Suitable for open in or open out applications (subject to weather conditions)
  • High performance Q-lon seals for superior sealing
  • Full locking options for security and safety
  • Single door option available for tight spaces
  • Full joint sealing maximises weather proofing performance
  • Lockable Lever Set Cylinder/Snib - Silver
  • Can be single glazed in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.38mm
Some options are subject to availability and may change without notice

Our commitment to continual product development necessitates that sizes and specifications may change without notice
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