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Gemini Handle (Silver)

The Southern Star Group is proud to introduce the Gemini, a brand new handle and lock mechanism for sliding windows. The Gemini perfectly blends style and functionality with clever design. Engineered for smooth and simple operation, the Gemini is a sturdy yet lightweight handle that is sure to be a favourite. The centred tab releases the handle from its dock effortlessly and allows for seamless transition between open and close. The quality of the handle is evident with an external finish of the utmost standard and the class of internal mechanism clear upon operation. A cylinder lock is offered as standard, which provides extra security and piece of mind. The keyed lock functions with ease thanks to internal technology that focuses on distinction. Visually the style of the handle is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly suits Southern Star Aluminium or Canterbury Timber sliding windows. The Gemini is offered as an upgradable option on 300 Series aluminium sliding windows and timber sliding windows. Colours available include black for aluminium windows and silver for timber. These options suit any of the aluminium powder coat colours or timber materials offered perfectly. For a beautiful, functional and ease of use handle that not only suits but also benefits sliding windows; look no further than the Gemini.

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