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Timber Framed Sliding Screen Doors

Canterbury sliding timber-framed flyscreens come with fibreglass or aluminium mesh. Fibreglass mesh is made of woven fibreglass yarn coated with PVC to make it waterproof, rust proof, non-combustible, stain resistant and easy to clean. This type of mesh works to exclude flies, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and other insects. Aluminium mesh is suited to coastal and bushfire prone areas.

Pleated Screen

The Canterbury Windows' Pleated Screen for Timber Bifold and Stacking Sliding Doors has been designed specifically for very large openings. Offering smooth and effortless operation, the pleated screen means optimal enjoyment of the outdoors and, here in Australia, where the dreaded mossie and other annoying pests can make indoor/outdoor living and entertaining unpleasant, it is especially good news. These new, innovative screens are very lightweight, easy to operate and allow you to open up a large area and have it screened where, previously, screens were not available. Bifold and Sliding Stacker Doors are most commonly used in the alfresco area at the rear of the home and can expand your indoor space into an outdoor room. Now, with Canterbury Windows’ screen solution for these doors, they become even more effective, functional and practical. The pleated lightweight screen can be up to 4.5 metres wide, operates from one side and can be pulled out horizontally. Two meeting screens can span up to 9metres wide and they can also be used on corner units with no need for a corner post.

The Canterbury Windows Pleated Screen allows you to open up a whole room with a Timber Bifold or Sliding Stacker Door and screen it, providing a natural barrier from annoying insects whilst leaving views unobstructed. The Canterbury Windows Pleated Screen is easy to install and can be used equally well in renovation projects as well as new homes.

Retractable Flat Screen

Timber bifold doors also can be teamed with the Canterbury Windows Retractable Flat Screen which is smooth to operate and can be opened and closed with a touch of a finger. Unique Load Balancing Technology (LBT) frees the screen of heavy springs and latches, instead it uses only magnets and pulleys. The screen slides horizontally along its track until it comes to a smooth stop and, when not in use, slides back into its concealed houseing. "Tight Technology" ensures that the mesh is always at its optimum tension, avoiding creasing, sagging and tearing, and if the scren is bumped out of its track by wind or contact, the screen will automatically rest itself by retracting back into the cavity.

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