Jambliner Double Hung Windows

Product description

The Canterbury timber jambliner double hung window offers a state-of-the-art mechanism that not only makes opening and closing the window easy, it also allows you to completely remove the sashes from inside for easy painting and cleaning.

Features & Benefits

  1. Keyed sash lock is standard
  2. Available with boxed mullions for a more traditional look
  3. Sashes can be removed from inside for painting and cleaning
  4. Allows windows up to 1200mm wide to 1500mm high and 935mm wide to 2400mm high.
  5. New Heavy Duty Jambliner has been specifically designed to hold double glazing
  6. Heavy Duty Jambliner allows windows up to 1200mm wide to 2400mm high.
  7. Jambliner system allows maximum glazing space in window.
Some options are subject to availability and may change without notice

Our commitment to continual product development necessitates that sizes and specifications may change without notice

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