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Timber Species

Unlike other window and door manufacturers,  Canterbury Windows and Doors is able to offer you a range of timber species for you to select from. Each species has particular features and benefits and your  Sales Representative will be able to assist you to select the best species for your project.


Meranti is a hardwood timber. It is durable and dent resistant, and is practical as well as attractive. It has an even, medium to coarse texture with an interlocking grain and its colour varies from white to pale pink to dark red, or pale brown to deep brown. Meranti is not subject to warping or twisting. It has good nailing, screwing and gluing properties and readily accepts varnish, paint or stain.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a beautiful softwood timber well known for its long lasting qualities. Properly finished and maintained, cedar will deliver decades of trouble-free service. Cedar's low density gives it an insulation value superior to most other species. Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for nearly all purposes where attractive appearance or resistance to weather is important. It is has fine and stable grain structure and will not warp or twist. Cedar's fine grain characteristics minimise shrinkage and swelling, therefore prolonging the life of surface finishes.

The colour variation of the grain is cedar's most distinguishing feature and makes it highly sought after as a material for feature joinery. Ranging in colour from honey/beige to deep reds and browns, it is the mix of colours within a single piece of cedar that makes it unique.

Cedar has built-in natural preservatives that provide resistance to borers, termites, rot and fungus growth. Its lack of pitch and gum veins allow cedar to readily accept semi-clear and clear finishes, which will accentuate its natural colour variations.

KD Hardwood

Kiln Dried Hardwood, or KD Hardwood, is a strong, durable timber which is not subject to warping or twisting. KD Hardwood is pale pink to straw in colour. For a contemporary finish, it is most suited to varnish. However, it can be painted, stained or polished.
We have a new and improved KD hardwood product, sourced in South America, is known as ‘clear’. This is because it doesn’t have any fingers joins and therefore provides a ‘clear’ look.  This new KD Hardwood has a BAL 19 rating, so can be used in a wide variety of locations all over Australia.

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