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Achieve Affordable 7-Star Performance

With an inline reveal, thermally improved frames, and unbeatable value, the Thermal Star suite of aluminium windows and doors will help you achieve affordable 7-star compliance.

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The ultimate aluminium window and door suite for energy efficiency, value, and comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Superior Uw & SHGCw values to help you get to 7 star performance


Ultimate affordability so you don't need compromise on your build


Outstanding temperature regulation for comfortable living.

Thermal StarTM Features

Thermally Improved Aluminium

Thermal StarTM Aluminium windows and doors are thermally improved to reduce the travel of heat and cold into your home. This allows for much greater energy efficiency, reducing the need for heating and cooling, and moving your home closer to 7-star NatHERS performance.

Our Thermal Star™ 250 Series and Thermal Star™ 350 series feature a thermally broken design. This means they are designed with a thermal ‘break’ in between the interior and exterior and exterior sections of the frame, so that external temperatures aren’t transferred inside your home – further adding to home comfort.

Inline Reveal

A super-efficient inline reveal is another key feature of the Thermal StarTM range of aluminium windows and doors.

The inline reveal gives the range a flush finish and a minimalist and sleek appearance as well as a tight seal between window or door and wall, minimising air leaks and further improving energy efficiency towards a 7-star standard.

Standard Double-Glazing

All Thermal StarTM products come with standard double glazing. Double glazing can reduce heat loss in a home by as much as 50% over single pane windows – with even greater energy savings with the inclusion of an outer Low-E glass panel.

Thermal StarTM Window & Door Options

Thermal StarTM 150 Series Awning Windows

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Thermal StarTM 250 Series Awning Windows

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Thermal StarTM 150 Series Sliding Doors

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Thermal StarTM 250 Series Sliding Doors

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Get 7-star performance today with the Thermal Star™ Range.

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